Wichita Eagle: False framing of school dispute continues


Ignoring their constitutional duty to provide suitable funding to Kansas public schools, the state’s governor and legislative majority continue to portray their dilemma as a power dispute between them and the Kansas Supreme Court.


All the fulminating is, however, both misguided and misleading because it’s based on false framing. The dispute over school funding is not between the Supreme Court and the people who rule state government; the dispute is between the Topeka political duopoly and the school boards and citizen plaintiffs in the endless Gannon v. Kansas case.

But framing the dispute accurately would require the governor and legislators to take on and vilify not spectral “unelected, activist judges” but instead elected members of their local school boards. Those dedicated folks, some representing more people than do many legislators, serve without even a per diem pittance for their year-round duties, much less accumulate a full-time, lifelong pension for part-time work, as do legislators.

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