Topeka Capital-Journal: Group linked to Carr brothers' victims pushes to oust Kansas Supreme Court justices

“The cases involving the Carr brothers were horrific crimes and our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims’ families,” Kansans for Fair Courts director Ryan Wright said in a statement. “It is important, in cases like these, to be clear with the facts as they pertain to the case. The fact is that the Carr brothers are still locked up and still in prison. And, they will remain in prison until they are put to death or die in prison.”

Jonathan and Reginald Carr were convicted of numerous charges following a weeklong crime spree in December 2000. The brothers shot five people at a soccer complex, killing four.

The two men were given death sentences, though Kansas hasn’t executed anyone in decades. But the Kansas Supreme Court vacated the death sentences in 2014 after finding their Eighth Amendment rights to avoid cruel and unusual punishment were infringed. At that time, the state Supreme Court found jurors weren’t instructed that mitigating evidence doesn’t need to be beyond a reasonable doubt.

The men’s underlying convictions remained, and they remained incarcerated. In January, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision to vacate the death sentences.

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