Topeka Capital-Journal Editorial: Supreme Court's defenders critical to our state's future

Four months ago, we urged Kansans to retain their Supreme Court justices in the November election. The court is facing unprecedented challenges from the House Republican leadership, Secretary of State Kris Kobach and groups such as Kansans for Justice and Kansans for Life, but voters need to look past the attack ads and make a decision based on more than political noise. 

Even if you disagree with a few of the court’s decisions, there’s only one question to ask on Election Day: Have our justices done their best to faithfully interpret the Kansas Constitution?


This week, a bipartisan group of Kansas governors — John Carlin, Kathleen Sebelius, Michael Hayden and Bill Graves (two Democrats and two Republicans) — will be advocating on behalf of the justices in Kansas City, Topeka and Wichita. The governors are representing the Save Kansas Coalition — an alliance of organizations that seeks to “regain our fiscal health” and maintain “quality education, health, roads, public safety and courts in Kansas.” The Save Kansas Coalition is joined by Kansans for Fair Courts in its effort to keep politics out of our state’s judicial system.

We’re grateful to these groups — as well as our former governors — for protecting the integrity of our state Supreme Court against the powerful interests that are attacking it.

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