Ottawa Herald: State judges under attack in 2016 election

By Greg Mast

Right or wrong Kansas judges are being scrutinized like never before.

Eleven judges for state-level courts are up for retention Nov. 8. Five seats on the Kansas Supreme Court join six seats on the Kansas Court of Appeals on the general election ballot.

Plus three local judges are on the ballot. District judges Doug Witteman and Eric Godderz are up for retention along with District Magistrate Judge Kevin Kimball.

Groups such as Kansans for Justice and Better Judges for Kansas have spent a lot money and time in a campaign to oust four of the five Kansas Supreme Court judges up for retention. Judges being targeted are Lawton Nuss, chief justice, Marla Luckert, Carol Beier and Daniel Biles.

The Better Judges for Kansas team organized presentations throughout the state educating Kansans on the retention elections, including the distribution of voter guides on who to retain and not to retain on the ballot.

Dane Hicks, Anderson County Review publisher and Anderson County Republican chairman, put together one of those meetings in Garnett in September.

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