PRESS RELEASE: Supreme Court Protects Children's Right To Adequate Education; Legislature Must Do The Same

TOPEKA — Ryan Wright, Executive Director of Kansans for Fair Courts, responded to today’s unanimous ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court in the Gannon v. State, school funding case that found the existing formula to be inadequate.

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Manhattan Mercury: Retain justices and judges

Kansans who value an independent judiciary should reject efforts to oust certain justices of the Kansas Supreme Court.

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Daily Signal: Why Kansas Conservatives Are Pushing Voters to Reshape the State’s Highest Court

By Josh Siegel | Daily Signal

It’s typically a no-drama affair. Every six years, Kansans vote whether to retain the state’s sitting Supreme Court justices.

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Wichita Eagle Letter: Don’t be misled on retention vote

By Blake Shuart

By now, you’ve probably seen the yard signs around town urging you to “vote no on activist judges.” You may have read a flier about the Carr brothers case, urging you to tell a majority of our Kansas Supreme Court justices, “You’re fired.” The details in these messages are sparse, so what do they really mean?

You’re being misled. Don’t fall for it.

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Blue Valley Post: Johnson County pro-education groups encourage voters to retain Supreme Court justices

As the 2016 campaigns enter their final days, a group of pro-education Johnson County activists are urging voters to retain all of the state Supreme Court justices on this year’s ballot.

The move comes as allies of Gov. Sam Brownback have stepped up efforts to oust four justices who have frequently ruled against initiatives favored my more conservative legislators, particularly on school finance issues.

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LJ World: Brownback PAC donations to be used in effort to oust Kansas judges

By Associated Press

TOPEKA — Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is tied to an effort to oust a majority of the Kansas Supreme Court's justices through his PAC, despite saying that he would not get involved.

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PRESS RELEASE: Local & State Education Advocates Support Judicial Retention

OLATHE - 11/1/16 One week out from Election Day local and state education advocates gathered on the steps of the Johnson County, KS courthouse calling for the retention of the Kansas Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges. Representatives from parent advocate groups such as Game On and Stand Up Blue Valley and the organization Johnson County Educators were flanked by numerous, sign-carrying representatives of other pro-retention groups in their effort today to remind voters that the court has stood up for public education by upholding the Kansas Constitution.

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LJ World: Retain justices

Five Kansas Supreme Court justices — Chief Justice Lawton Nuss and Justices Marla Luckert, Carol Beier, Daniel Biles, and Caleb Stegall — are up for retention in the Nov. 8 election. Each has demonstrated competency while serving on the court and should be retained.

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GC Telegram: Vote 'yes': Kansas voters should block Brownback’s power grab.

Gov. Sam Brownback will do what it takes to gain a political edge.

He took control of the Legislature by helping to unseat state lawmakers who wouldn’t mindlessly follow his lead.

His quest to control the judicial branch also knows no bounds.

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LJ World: Push to remake Kansas Supreme Court hits backlash over governor

By John Hanna | Associated Press

TOPEKA — A push to remake the Kansas Supreme Court in the upcoming election could falter because of a political backlash against Republican Gov. Sam Brownback.

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