KMBZ: Former governors behind bipartisan effort to retain justices

KANSAS CITY, MO. - Four former Kansas governors are launching a bipartisan campaign to retain Kansas Supreme Court justices in November's election.

The three invitation-only events with former Republican Govs. Mike Hayden and Bill Graves and former Democratic Govs. John Carlin and Kathleen Sebelius are sponsored by Kansans for Fair Courts. It says it wants to keep the state's courts independent.

The first event is Tuesday morning at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. The others are later Tuesday in Topeka and on Wednesday in Wichita.

Sebelius told KMBZ News the justices are only doing their jobs by acting as an independent judiciary. "The merit system of appointing judges has been in place now for 60 years," Sebelius said. "and we feel strongly -- two Democratic governors, two Republican governors -- that it should stay in place."

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