KC Star: No humor in attacks on the judicial branch

Special to The Star

Warning: this column is serious!

I’ve enjoyed the privilege of writing for The Star for 16 years. That equates to roughly 350 columns. In that time, I’ve declined the temptation to offer my own perspective on whatever hot partisan topic was percolating to the surface.

Today I’m deviating from the narrative just a bit.


Lately it seems everyone is attacking the third branch of government — the judges. Here in Kansas our own Supreme Court is on the receiving end of criticism by various politicos and in some cases opinion piece writers. From time to time the vitriol has extended to how our state selects judges. And that is what prompted this column.

Kansas has something called a Supreme Court Nominating Commission. In creating this commission, Kansas joined about two-thirds of states with similar protocols.

The commission’s work is familiar to anyone who has made an important hiring decision. It seeks applicants who must complete an extensive application. The applicants are identified publicly, the interviews are open to the public and only the deliberations are confidential. After the applicants have been thoroughly vetted, the commission submits the names of the three who are deemed best qualified to the governor, who must select an applicant from the list.

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