KC Chamber Board Says Keep Kansas Courts Nonpolitical and Nonpartisan

The Board of Directors of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce unanimously approved the following position on Kansas courts at its Monday Board meeting:

“The KC Chamber Board of Directors believes that the current Kansas merit-based selection system for state justices and judges is an effective process that helps insulate judicial selection from financial and political pressures that endanger the impartiality of the courts and endorses the efforts of Kansans for Fair Courts to keep Kansas courts fair, impartial and nonpartisan.”

Kansans for Fair Courts is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy group which works to keep Kansas courts fair and impartial. Kansas voters will decide in November whether to retain five state Supreme Court justices. Delegates to the state Republican convention earlier this year voted to make ousting four of the five justices a priority.

The state’s highest court has been an ongoing target of both the governor and some members of the state legislature in recent years, with much of the controversy swirling around the Supreme Court’s decision on state school funding. More than 50 different bills have been introduced in recent years in an attempt to interfere with the courts, including a measure to cut off funding for the state’s entire court system.

“The active effort to unseat four of the five Supreme Court justices up for retention votes this fall is unprecedented and worrisome,” says Joe Reardon, President & CEO of the KC Chamber. “The Chamber believes politics has no place in the selection and retention of members of the Kansas judiciary.”

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce