Kansans for Fair Courts Responds to Kansans for Justice; Clarifies Record

TOPEKA — Ryan Wright, Executive Director of Kansans for Fair Courts, responded to the Kansans for Justice news conference seeking the ouster of four of the five Kansas Supreme Court Justices who are up for retention in November. Kansans for Fair Courts encourages the retention of all five sitting Kansas Supreme Court Justices.

“The cases involving the Carr brothers were horrific crimes and our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims’ families,” said Kansans for Fair Courts executive director Ryan Wright. “It is important, in cases like these, to be clear with the facts as they pertain to the case. The fact is that the Carr brothers are still locked up and still in prison. And, they will remain in prison until they are put to death or die in prison.”

“The Kansas Supreme Court is committed to enforcing the law—especially in cases involving the death penalty—for cases like the Carr brothers or in more recent capital murder cases like Kansas v. John E. Robinson, Sr. where they issued a 415-page opinion upholding the death sentence,” said Wright. “The bottom line is that the system works. It may not be as fast as some would want, but it does work. Today, there is no perpetrator of a capital crime, currently in prison, that will not be put to death or stands the chance of ever being free to harm others again.”

The Kansas Supreme Court is prohibited from responding to political attacks, especially involving cases that are currently or may come before them in the future.

In a Wichita Eagle story, dated June 2, 2016, over the Carr brothers case Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett was quoted as saying, “…the Kansas Supreme Court wants to make sure that every ‘t’ is crossed, every ‘i’ dotted.” He went on to say, “this is how it works…it’s slow…[and] bottom line is that there is no fast track to the death chamber and probably shouldn’t be.”

Bennett took over the prosecution of the Carr brothers case when he was elected Sedgwick County District Attorney in 2012.